Notes for GKS Teammates

We are extremely grateful for you all! We appreciate that you want to give of your time to enhance the sale and sell more stuff! We are always so thankful for the quality of help our teammates provide.

If you are considering signing up to help at a sale, or if you are already signed up, here are a few tips and suggestions that you might find helpful.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You may find yourself standing for a majority of the time and we want you to be comfortable!

  • We provide light snacks for teammates - usually water, soft drinks, candy bars, cookies and crackers. Please plan your regular meals outside of your time at the event.

  • You will be helping in ways that enhance the sale according to the day you choose to come.

    • Drop off day teammates usually help with inspecting and placing items on the sales floor as they come in.

    • Shopping day teammates usually help with merchandising the items, keeping the sales floor picked up, and organizing and bagging items at checkout.

    • Sorting teammates help sort the items that didn't sell so that they are ready for consignors to pick up.

  • When you arrive, there will be a check-in station where you can get a name tag and apron to wear.

  • We recommend that teammates keep their keys and cell phones in their apron pocket, and have all other personal belongings hidden and locked in their cars. However, there is a room where you will find the snacks and cold drinks provided for you, and you are free to place any personal belongings there.

  • Teammates should not bring their young children with them to their shift. Exceptions are made for nursing infants that can be "worn" in a carrier the entire time.

  • Our goal is to make your experience enjoyable and pleasant. We try to have fun while we are at the sale! We look forward to having you join us!

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