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Consignors have the option to put in more work equity toward the sale of their items by being a "teammate" and helping on-site during the event. They aid in the merchandising of the items, and help make the event even better toward the goal of selling more of their items!

Teammates choose one or two 4-hour segments that work best with their schedule. Just use the "Sign-up Now" link on the right to let us know when you're coming! Many love to choose a time when a fellow consignor friend is also helping and come together! But it's also a great time to meet new friends, get out of the house and interact with other adults!

Teammates are invited to shop Team Night, a full day before consignors shop. This means they shop the biggest and best selection! And the more a teammate helps, the less commission they pay to GKS!

As a thank-you to our wonderful teammates, GKS loves to give-away t-shirts & gift certificates during Team Night!

Teammates shop before Consignors & Public on the Tuesday
before we open to the public!

Tuesday, Sept 6th
3pm-9pm- 8 hour teammates shop
5pm-9pm- 4 hour teammates shop

NOTE: To allow more comfortably spaced shopping for our consignors at the Consignor Presale on Wednesday, teammates will only be able to use their Teammate Presale armband for shopping on Tuesday. Only Wednesday consignor armbands will be allowed entry on Wednesday.

Team GKS Shift Options
OPTION 1: Consignors who help for 4 hours pay GKS a 30% sales commission (keep 70%) and are invited to shop Team Night during tier two from 5-9pm.

OPTION 2: Consignors who help for 8 hours pay GKS a 25% sales commission (keep 75%) and are invited to shop Team Night FIRST during tier one at 3pm.

OPTION 3: Consignors who help 8 hours, with 4 of those hours being a "Sorting Shift", pay GKS a 25% sales commission (keep 75%), are invited to shop Team Night at 3pm, AND have the option of obtaining a Line Pass (details below). PLUS, one lucky winner will keep 100% of their earnings and pay $0 to GKS!

*Line Pass Details: a Line Pass allows you to be first to enter when the doors open for Team Night! When you arrive, simply bypass the line of teammates and come to the front doors to enter with the other Line Pass holders! To collect the Line Pass, you will need to pay a $30 cash deposit at drop-offs. This deposit is fully refunded to you at the completion of your sorting shift.

NURSING BABY? If you have a nursing baby you cannot leave at home, we want you to be able to help too! For safety reasons, teammates may NOT bring children under the age of 12 with them to help, but we CAN allow teammates to bring children/babies that can be “worn” in an infant carrier the entire time! When you sign-up online, you can choose a "Baby-Wearing" 4-hr segment, so we'll know you plan to bring & wear your little one. If all baby-wearing segments are full, please contact us directly and we’ll see if we can work something out for you!
PLEASE NOTE: If teammates bring children they cannot "wear", we will have no choice but to ask that they make arrangements for their child to be picked up within 30 minutes or else they will need to re-schedule to come back another time when they can come without children. Children ages 12 and older may be brought, as long as they stay with their parent at all times.

NEED TO SIT? If you want to help but need to do something off your feet, there are ways of helping while sitting, which you can specify when you sign-up online. If the sitting segments are full, please contact us directly and we will work something out for you!

NOT CONSIGNING? We apologize for any inconvenience, but to be eligible to join Team GKS, you must participate as a consignor (selling 15 items or more). If you do not have items to consign, you may want to consider one of these options: 1) If you have a friend who consigns, you could ask if they would loan you 15 items to consign under your name. You could give them the proceeds, and then as a consignor, you get to shop before the public. 2) You could pick up a few cheap items from a garage sale, and easily make your money back consigning them, which would earn you a Consignor Presale pass, and the eligibility to be a teammate.

Teammate Testimonials

"I love's not even just the getting to shop's just the whole atmosphere - it's fun!"

"I just want to share how much I appreciate "Growing Kids"! I have been shopping consignment shops and looking for bargains all my life. I discovered “Growing Kids” this year, and I have never experienced such quality items, so reasonably priced, displayed in such an organized manner, by such professional people. I will be back every six months to consign, help and shop 'with friends'!"

“I drive 6 hours from Louisiana and help because the savings and selection available at the team night sale are worth the trip and the effort.”

“Wanted to let you know I loved the shopping this year for the teammates, It was GREAT!!!!!! The check-out was Great, also!!!!!!! Thanks So Much for all of your Work!!!!!!!”

“I like to help because the people that run the sale are very friendly and make the experience so pleasant. The shopping early is great too, the people you meet while shopping and while sitting in line is great the money you save is spectacular. I look forward to each sale it is like my trip to Disney world!”

“This will be my first time to help, but I am so excited. This has been an awesome experience so far and it hasn't even started yet. Love the fact I will get to shop early and pay a less percentage of my sales. I am driving from Bella Vista and back three different days to help and shop! Cannot wait!!”

“I would like to say thank you so very much for helping us have such a great sale. The day that teammates shopped I had to get my sister to pick up my large items the young men that were helping load stuff were so helpful and were very polite, it made it a lot nicer to shop. I was really impressed with the way things were done this time. I will be there bright and early at the next one. And again a great big Thank you so very much you guys in my book are the best.”

"I love to be able to help at the GKS it breaks the everyday routines and it's all worth it in the end. I found some really good deals at this sale and can't wait for the next!!"

"This was my first year to shop/consign and be a teammate. This is a very organized event!!!!! Very well planned and I could tell everyone works as a team. Thank you for the worshipful music. It kept me going while I worked! :)"

Questions about Team GKS? Contact Kim at or 479-769-1020.

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