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Over the years Growing Kids has continued to refine the check-in process to make it as streamlined and efficient as possible. By reading the information below and understanding how the process works, you will help us keep this a fast and efficient process! We highly recommend that you print the printer friendly version (see "Print this Page" button above) and bring it with you to the sale on drop-off day in case you need to refer back to it.

Notice about Drop-off Appointments:
Please sign-up for a Drop-off Appointment! This helps us distribute arrivals evenly amongst the drop-off hours to save you from long wait lines! Appointments will be available for sign-up online while registrations are open. You'll click "Select a Drop-off Appointment" on your Consignor Homepage to view available appointments and sign-up! You can change your drop-off appointment anytime while registrations are open. If you miss your scheduled drop-off appointment or never chose an appointment, just come when you can during our drop-off hours!! You may have to wait a little longer, but we will work you in as quickly as possible. GKS Reloaded drop-offs will remain the same (no appointments - see Dates, Times, Location page). Questions about drop-off appointments? Contact Heather at Heather@GrowingKidsSale.com or 479-414-5063.

BEFORE You Bring Your Items to Drop-off...

NOTE: Consignors will be responsible for helping to place their items on the sales floor. Please keep this in mind as you decide when to come and plan your time accordingly.
  • Register as a new or returning consignor
  • Sign-up for a drop-off appointment from your Consignor Homepage. Those dropping-off items for more than one consignor # should sign up for one appointment PER NUMBER. If you are signing up for 2 appts, you may select the same appt time for both (example: two 9:00am slots). If you are signing up for more than 2 appts, please choose consecutive slots if possible (example: 9:00am, 9:15am, 9:30am).
  • Buy your labels for printing barcodes at home (see Print Barcodes)
  • Hang and tag your items
  • Enter and print your barcodes and stick them on your tags
  • Print and sign your Recall Waiver to bring with you to drop-offs
  • Plan to arrive at drop-offs in plenty of time to have your items BARCODED (if not already completed), INSIDE THE BUILDING & ready for inspection BY YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME
When You Get to the Sale to Drop-off...
  1. Arrive at drop-offs in plenty of time to have your items BARCODED (if not already completed), INSIDE THE BUILDING & ready for inspection BY YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME.

  2. If you need more barcodes, go to the barcoding station first to have them printed. Stick them on the items' tags before you bring your items inside.

  3. When your items are barcoded and ready, simply bring them inside (grab one of our rolling racks first if needed), and proceed to the inspection line. Have your boys and girls clothing separated & arranged according to size before getting in line. If you are bringing a friend's items, keep their items separate from yours and bring their signed Recall Waiver. Please make sure you are not bringing more clothing items or shoes than the limit (for more information on the limit, see the What to Bring & Items Not Accepted page.

  4. When you are next in line, a Growing Kids Worker will escort you to the inspection area. Your items will be inspected for seasonality and/or blemishes. We will have a "donate" area where you can place unacceptable items, if you wish, or you can take them back home with you.

  5. Once your items have been inspected, they are ready to be placed on the sales floor. All consignors should come with enough time to help put their items on the sales floor.

  6. Once all your items have been placed on the sales floor, proceed to the check-in table so that you can turn in your Recall Waiver and receive your Presale armband pass. If you are a teammate, make sure to enter the drawing for door prizes for Team Night!

  7. NOTE FOR CONSIGNORS SENDING THEIR HUSBANDS or FRIENDS TO DROP-OFF: Please make sure they know that the Preview Party armband they will receive when they check-in is IMPORTANT! You MUST have this armband to get into the Preview Party. There is a fee and late entry for replacement of lost armbands! :-)


Consignors have the option of picking up their unsold items (see Dates, Times, Location page for schedule). Note that ONLY items you marked with a red circled "R" in the top, left corner of the tag will be returned to you if unsold (see Tagging Items). Items without this mark and items not picked up by 7:30pm on pick-up day will be donated to charity.

The process of picking-up is very simple and efficient. You will sign in, pick-up your check (see below), and receive instructions on collecting your items (which will be sorted by consignor number!) and sign out. Please know that it is your responsibility to get all of your items. We are not responsible for any items you forget to carry out.

You are welcome to send someone to pick-up your unsold items, but they MUST know your consignor number when they come, and they may not pick-up your check (see info under "Checks" below).

There will be a lost and found area that we will encourage you to look through before you leave.

Lastly, because our time is limited to move out of the building, all items remaining after 7:30pm SHARP will be donated. Doors will be closed and locked on time, and pick-ups will no longer be available. We appreciate your punctuality and understanding!


Your consignor profit checks will be available during pick-ups (see Dates, Times, Location)! If you do not make it to pick-ups, we will automatically mail your check within 1 week, so please make sure we always have your updated mailing information by logging into your Consignor Homepage.

Note: The consignor or the consignor's spouse must show a valid drivers license ID to pick-up their check. For our consignors' protection, checks are only given to the consignor or their spouse - no checks will be given to friends or other relatives. Our only exception is for someone who brings the ACTUAL Driver's License of that consignor (no photocopies), and they must know that consignor's number when they come (no number look-ups).

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