Register for the Growing Kids Sale


If you would still like to participate, we can register you on-site at the sale location during drop-offs. Simply bring your items on hangers, tagged with the 3x5 index cards (see "Tagging Items" on right), and completely ready except for barcodes. Bring a list of the barcode prices you need, and we will print the barcodes for you there to apply to your index card tags (at no charge, and we supply the labels!).

We are not making anymore drop-off appointments, so come whenever you can during our drop-off hours and we will work you in as quickly as possible (we service those with appts first, so be prepared for a wait). Our drop-off hours are:
Thursday, Feb 29: 5:30pm-8:30pm
Friday, March 1st: 10am-8pm
Saturday, March 2nd: 9am-3pm

We will not accept anymore drop-offs after 3pm on Saturday, unless you wish to participate in "GKS Reloaded" (see menu item on right).

Questions? Contact or text 479-420-9699.

If you'd like to be a teammate, please text Kim at 479-769-1020.