Register for the Growing Kids Sale

Registrations for the Fall 2017 sale will be open
Tuesday, July 25th at 5am

Wednesday, August 30th at 10pm

Step 1:
The Staff of the Growing Kids Sale spends many hours brainstorming and tweaking policies and procedures, based on feedback from shoppers and consignors, to make each sale better than the last. It is important to us that everyone is aware of any changes being implemented, so please take a moment to read about the exciting changes for the upcoming event!

Please familiarize yourself with
WHAT'S NEW for FALL 2017!

Read & check the boxes, then continue to Step 2...

Clothing Item Limit Change!
To prevent having to limit how many families can consign with GKS, we are asking that each consignor limit the hanging clothing items they bring to the amount that will squeeze into
3 feet of hanging space (Halloween/Dress-up costumes are considered “toys” and not included in this limit). This should be a similar amount to what the limit has previously been, but will help us better prepare for & accommodate all of our consignors with the rack space we have. Please only tag your best items - make sure to eliminate stained or overly worn items, and feel free to bag up play clothes that aren’t worth tagging and bring them for our local donation recipients!

Stuffed Animals
Our toy table space has become overwhelmed by these furry creatures! Therefore, we will now only be accepting the ones that most shoppers are looking to buy, which fall into the following categories or brands: Disney, Sesame Street, Build-a-Bear, TY, Pillow Pets, any characters (like Hello Kitty & Ninja Turtles), and any electronic stuffed animals. If stuffed animals are placed on the sales floor that do not fall into these categories, they will be pulled & placed in a box in the Lost & Found section at pick-ups, where they can be re-claimed, regardless of whether they have an "R" return mark, as to not create more re-sort work for our volunteers. Questions about a stuffed animal? Just ask a staff member at drop-offs or text 479-420-9699!

TEEN Nike, Under Armour, Patagonia & North Face
We’ve been allowing this for a few sales now, but in case you missed the memo…we only accept children’s clothing sizes at our sales, but there are a few junior’s brands & sizes we will also accept. These include American Eagle, Aeropostale, Abercrombie & Hollister, as well as Nike, Under Armour, Patagonia & North Face. So if you have junior sized clothing, they would need to be ONLY one of those listed brands for us to accept them. We will take these teen brands up to a size girls 4/medium, and boys 32/medium.

We LOVE sorting your unsold items for you, BUT...
We need your help if we are going to continue doing so! We want your pick-up experience to be as quick and easy as possible, which is why we sort all of the items you’ve marked for “return” together for you to pick-up. However, as our sale has grown, this task has become harder to achieve with the volunteer help that we have. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help us by not marking items with a red, circled “R” for return unless you REALLY REALLY want it back if it doesn’t sell. Please don’t just mark ALL your items for return – really think through whether you could allow us to donate that item to a local charity who could put it to good use.

Pricing is EVERYTHING! Check out our NEW PRICING GUIDE!
Picture yourself at pick-ups carrying home all those out-grown items you spent time tagging – not fun, huh?!?! Want a happier experience? Price reasonably, and you’ll get a larger earnings check & less to bring home!!!
Pricing tips:
-When pricing, ask yourself, “What would I pay for this?”.
-If it hasn’t sold after 4 days of full-price shopping, then it probably won’t sell at all, unless you let it go for half-price, so LET IT GO FOR 1/2!!!
-Make sure you price bargain brands (like Garanimals, Faded Glory, Sonoma, Child of Mine, Circo & Cherokee) at no more than $1-2 per piece!
-Sets usually sell better! Try to make outfits out of your single pieces (but remember you may only combine items that are the same size!). Or group 2-3 shirts together, which might make your items appeal more to a buyer than just a single shirt would.
-Remember that because of the volume of infant clothing we get, you MUST price these sizes very reasonably ($1-4 for almost all items under size 12 months!).
-Check out our NEW DETAILED PRICING GUIDE here!!!

Don't forget about
Important Previous Changes/Reminders...

Consignor fee is $10.

Lots of GIVE-AWAYS!!! for gift certificates & more on our Facebook page, along with tips & tricks and the latest news & updates on the upcoming event! Join us, and make sure you click "See First" and "Notifications On" under the "Following" tab!

Want sneak-peek of items?
On Instagram, we post pictures during drop-offs of some of the great items coming in!!! Follow us! Search for GrowingKidsSale!

Know any new moms???
Do them a favor! Let them know about the thousands of baby clothes & items they can find @ GKS! We love helping families keep down the cost of growing kids, and the selections in our baby sections are INCREDIBLE!

Tagging Tips/Recommendations

Photo-TapeOverTag For added protection against loss of your clothing items, as you make your tags & determine your prices, write your consignor number & price at the bottom edge of the tag, with the barcode just above it, so that if the barcode peels off or becomes unreadable, your info can still be seen. Place a "ND" for no discount beside the price if you do not wish for it to sell at half-price on the final day of our sale. Click the example photo on the right to enlarge.
Also, you can wrap a strip of packing tape vertically over the top edge of the card down to the bottom edge of the card, covering the safety pin and barcode. This makes your tag much more durable, and is especially recommended for higher dollar items.

Barcode Rules! Do not place a new barcode sticker over an old one AND DO NOT peel an old barcode off an index card to replace it with a new one. This causes check-out delays. FYI, items with two barcodes are sold to the bottom barcode's consignor number, and tags that appear to have had a barcode removed from the card will not be sold. Make a NEW TAG for any price changes.

Don't let your shoes get lost or separated! Fold a strip of DUCT TAPE overPhoto-ShoeTaggingExample the top of your index card, punch a hole through it, and then connect it to the shoes with curling ribbon or zip-ties. The duct tape strengthens the tag and works GREAT to prevent tag separation & loss. Also remember to CONNECT THE TWO SHOES TOGETHER with zip-ties or curling ribbon. Click the example photo on the right to enlarge.

Step 2:
Choose the Appropriate Registration Type:

Please Note: If you registered for a past Growing Kids Sale and received a consignor number, but you do not remember the number, please DO NOT register as a new consignor. Click "returning", and you will then have an option to look-up your previous consignor number, or you may e-mail Faith@GrowingKidsSale to obtain your number. Thank you!

Returning Consignor
  • If you have previously consigned with Growing Kids

  • If you do not remember the consignor number that was previously assigned to you

  • If you registered for a previous sale, but never actually participated
New Consignor
  • If you have never registered for the Growing Kids Sale

  • If you have never been given a consignor number