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Each consignor tags and prices all of their own items. Instructions on how to tag your items are given below. With each consignor tagging their items the same way, the Growing Kids Sale continues to be an organized, easy-to-shop consignment sale. We appreciate your attention to details as you prepare your items!

Making Your Tags

Using ONLY 3x5 index cards...Tag Example

1. Describe each item in the middle section of the card. The more descriptive, the better.

2. Write the size & gender of the garment, if applicable, in the top right-hand corner.

3. If you want the item returned to you if it does not sell, place a red circled "R" for "Return" in the top left corner. All unsold items without this mark WILL BE DONATED.

4. Apply a barcode label sticker near the bottom edge of the card. A barcode label is REQUIRED on every card. To read about the options for obtaining barcode stickers, choose "Barcodes" on the right-hand menu of this page. Your barcodes will show the price, consignor number and barcode, as well as specify whether or not you want the item to be sold at half-price on Saturday. We recommend that you also write your consignor number and price just below the barcode in case the barcode peels off or becomes unreadable.

As you write out each tag, go ahead and determine what price you will want to sell each item for and whether you want it to go for half-price on Saturday and write that at the bottom of the card. You can write the abbreviation "ND" beside the price if you want "No Discount" on half-price day. For extra protection in case your barcode isn't readable or you accidentally forget a barcode, also write your consignor number beside the price. You will place the barcode just above this writing later. Then, once you have written and attached all the cards to your items, get a sheet of paper and make a list of the barcode prices you will need (how many $1's, how many $2's, etc). Separate the discount prices from the no-discount prices. You will then have a list of what barcodes you need when you're ready to order or print them. You will also have an easy system for knowing which barcodes go on which index card tag, according to what you wrote on the tags.

  • See our Pricing Guidelines. Competitively price your items. PRICE TO SELL! We strongly encourage each of our consignors to carefully consider the pricing of their items. If our consignors continue pricing their items fairly, Growing Kids will continue to be a win-win for both consignors and shoppers! It is for these reasons that Growing Kids reserves the right to pull items from the sales floor that are considerably over-priced.
  • Minimum item price of $1.00. Only $.50 increments.
  • For added security and protection of your items:
    1. Photo-TapeOverTagClothing items: (optional) write your consignor number & price at the bottom edge of the tag, with the barcode just above it, so that if the barcode peels off or becomes unreadable, your consignor info is still on the tag. Also, wrap a strip of packing tape vertically over the top edge of the card down to the bottom edge of the card, covering the safety pin and barcode. Click example photo on right to enlarge.
    2. For sets with multiple large pieces (furniture sets, etc), place the item's tag on one item, and place a piece of masking tape with your consignor number and "Piece 1 of 3" on each additional item.
  • Items with no barcode on the card will be sold at our discretion, but consignors cannot expect credit for those items since the item doesn't have a consignor number. Don't forget your barcodes!!!
  • Write thorough descriptions on your tags! We constantly seek to match any lost tags to lost items, and the descriptions are CRUCIAL for this process and will greatly aid us in selling your items! Good descriptions include brand, type of outfit (dress, romper, pant set, etc), colors or patterns, material (corduroy, fleece, satin, etc), # of pieces, and any wording on the outfit. If your item qualifies as "NEW" or "Only worn twice", write that in your description. Those phrases catch a shopper's eye and give the item greater appeal!
  • If you feel the item fits differently than the label reads, write “Fits like a 2T” as the size on the tag. That way it will be sorted in the 2T’s and shopped appropriately.

Hanging & Tagging Clothing

Photo-IncorrectSafetyPinPlacementPhoto-CorrectSafetyPinPlacementTAG PLACEMENT: When you're facing the front of the garment, attach the top of the tag with a safety pin near the upper right side. Pass the safety pin through the card twice, rather than just once, which will keep it more secure. Click the example photos on right to enlarge!

HANGERS: All clothing items should be hung with the hanger's hook facing left, like a question mark. See photo of pants below for example. We accept all types of hangers, but we PREFER wire or thin plastic hangers, since they take up less space on the racks. See our hanger recommendations in the "Tips" section below.

HANGING SINGLE PANTS: When hanging pants by themselves, pin the waistband to the angled portion of hanger - do not use clothespins or fold them over hanger. Pant hangers are acceptable if clips are tight. We ask that you follow one of these three methods for pinning the waistbands to prevent them from slipping around on the hanger:

Photo-PinnedPants-BackPhoto-PinnedPants-Front 1) Stick a large safety pin through waist, around hanger, and back through waist, which holds the pants tightly to the hanger, or...

Photo-PinnedPantsWithTapePhoto-PinnedPantsWithTape 2) Place a piece of masking tape around the angled portions of the hanger, then poke the safety pin through the tape as you pin the pants to the hanger. Click example photos on right to enlarge! or...

3) The MOST SECURE method: Zip-tie the left and right side belt loops to the top angled portions of the hanger. Wrench the zip-tie down as tight as possible, to hold it in place. This is definitely the preferred method for larger pant sizes that are heavier and tend to pull the safety pins off the hangers so easily.

HANGING SHIRT/PANT SETS: When hanging an outfit that includes pants, hang the pants with the shirt so thatPhoto-TwoPieceOutfit-Back Photo-TwoPieceOutfit-Front they can be easily seen. Here’s how: Turn the shirt around so that you are facing the back of the shirt, then safety pin the top of the pants to the shoulders of the shirt. Try to grasp the lines of the hanger in the safety pin as well, so the pants do not weigh-down the shirt. Remember, do not group items together if they are different sizes, even if they are a matching set. Click example photos on right to enlarge!

  • Photo-TapeOverTag(optional) For added security and protection of your clothing items, we recommend that you write your consignor number & price at the bottom edge of the tag, with the barcode just above it, so that if the barcode peels off or becomes unreadable, your info can still be seen. Also, wrap a strip of packing tape vertically over the top edge of the card down to the bottom edge of the card, covering the safety pin and barcode. Click the example photo on the right to enlarge.
  • DO NOT place clothing, onesies or pajamas in Ziploc bags! Shoppers don't want to buy items they can't fully see. All clothing items must be on hangers. Consider grouping 2 or 3 onesies together on hangers. If you have brand new onesies still in the packaging, you can simply poke the hanger through package and hang it on the clothing racks as-is. New clothing in the packaging will appeal to shoppers!
  • If you have multiple tops/bottoms that you want to sell together, there are two options: hang one on the hanger and pin the shoulders of the others to the one on the hanger (grasp the hanger in the safety pin so the additional pieces do not pull down the first piece) OR put each item on its own hanger and zip-tie the hangers together. In either case, make sure to write the quantity and describe each item in the item description on the card.
  • If a shirt has a wide neck and doesn't stay on a hanger well, place a piece of masking tape on the angled portion of the hanger (near the neck), then safety pin the shirt to the tape and hanger to ensure that the shirt stays in place.
  • Do not group items as an outfit if they are different sizes. If it is a matching set that would not sell well separated, you may group them, but make very clear notes of the size differences on the tag so the buyer won't miss it.

Tagging Shoes

On SHOES, three things are very important and REQUIRED for the security & sellability of your shoes. Shoes that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.
1) connect the pair together using zip-ties or curling ribbon so they cannot be separated
2) re-inforce your tag with duct tape & connect the tag to the shoes using zip-ties or curling ribbon
3) do NOT place shoes inside Ziploc bags

More Details:
CONNECT the shoes together using zip-ties/cable ties (see Wal-mart photos below) or curling ribbon by looping the zip-tie through a shoe-lace hole, loop on heel, or a strap that cannot be adjusted. If you do not have anything to loop through, turn the shoes sole-to-sole, then use several zip-ties (or use curling ribbon) to tightly wrap around the mid-section of the shoes to connect them together. See examples below.
TAG the shoes using the following method:
Fold a strip of duct tape over the top of your index card, and punch a hole through the tape with an ink pen or hole punch. Then connect the tag to your shoes using a zip-tie or curling ribbon. See examples below. The strong duct tape is absolutely necessary! Cards without this almost ALWAYS pull off and get separated from the shoes.

Click on example photos below to enlarge!
Photo-ShoeTaggingExample Photo-ShoeTaggingExample Photo-ShoeTaggingExample  Photo-ShoeTaggingExample  Photo-ShoeTaggingExample

  • If your shoes are brand new and still in the box, zip-tie and tag the shoes like the instructions above, then punch a small hole in the box and use curling ribbon or zip-ties to connect the shoes to the box so that they do not get separated.
  • Helpful hint: Wal-mart sells a pack of 100 4" cable ties for $1.27 (click here for example). If you want them a little longer, you can buy a pack of 20 8" cable ties for $.75. Click on the pictures below to enlarge. These can be found at Wal-mart near the outlet covers, extension cords, etc.

Tagging Other Items

For most single-piece toys, you simply tape the tag securely to the toy in a visible location. Packing tape works best and holds most securely. Please make sure the batteries are working on any electronic toys before taping over any battery compartments.

For multiple-piece toys, always connect the pieces together using packing tape, zip-ties or curling ribbon. You could place smaller, accessory pieces in a Ziploc bag, then securely tape the bag to the main toy. Once pieces are connected together, you may also place the whole set in a Ziploc bag for additional security. See our photo below about big Ziploc bags at Dollar Tree that are perfect for this! Always tape the tag securely to the toy (not the bag) - packing tape works best.Photo-Photo-SliderZiptieBag

And here's a great tip if you're placing multiple small items in a Ziploc bag: If you use a slider-type Ziploc bag, you can Ziptie the bag in such a way that it cannot be opened! Click the example photo on the right to enlarge.

If it is difficult to tape the tag to a toy, you can connect the tag with a zip-tie or curling ribbon as well - place packing tape over a section of the tag to make it stronger, then use a pen or hole punch to poke a hole in the tag and run your zip-tie or ribbon through to attach it to your toy.

Books and Videos: Simply tape the tag to the outside cover of books and videos. If you're concerned that packing tape will tear the cover, Scotch tape, masking tape or painter's tape usually works fine, but try to fully cover all four edges of the card. Ensure the video matches the case, then tape the case shut. To combine multiple books or videos to sell as a set, simple tape all of them together, or wrap the set in Saran Wrap, then tape over the Saran to keep it intact, and tape your tag to the outside. You could also use the slider Ziploc method shown above in the "multiple-piece toys" section.

Puzzles: For wooden board puzzles, use Saran Wrap to wrap the puzzle (or multiple puzzles) with the pieces intact, then tape over the Saran Wrap to secure the ends. This way the puzzle can easily be seen, and the pieces stay connected. Tape the tag securely to the outside of the Saran Wrap. For boxed jigsaw puzzles, ensure all pieces are present in the box, then tape the box closed and tape the tag to the outside.


Electronic Games: When possible, securely tape the tag to the game - packing tape works best. If the electronic game has accessory pieces or comes with game cartridges, place those pieces inside a Ziploc bag and tape or zip-tie the bag securely to the game. If you can fit the game & accessories in a large Ziploc SLIDER bag, you can zip-tie the bag shut in such a way that it cannot be opened. Click the example photo on the right to enlarge.Photo-SliderZiptieBag

Remember to thoroughly describe all pieces included in the set on the tag's description. Electronic games and video gaming systems priced $20 or higher may be placed in our locked Electronics Cabinet for increased protection if you choose. Just let us know when you drop-off if you have something to be placed in the cabinet! Click photo on right to see bag options sold by Dollar Tree.

Board Games: Ensure all pieces are present in the box, then tape the box closed. Securely tape the tag to the outside of the box.

It is BEST to bring your bedding in a clear bedding bag, like the bedding was purchased in. This allows the shoppers to easily see the bedding without needing to take it out. It also keeps any smaller items (like pillowcases, bedskirts, curtains, etc.) with the bedding.

Photo-ClearBagsIf you do not have a bedding bag, an alternative that we highly recommend are the XL and XXL sized Ziploc bags, which work very well for bedding. You can get them at Wal-mart, Target or Dollar Tree. To see the Ziploc brand bags, click here. To see the bags sold at Dollar Tree, click the photo on the right.

If you have bedding that has breakable accessory pieces (like lamps, piggy banks, etc), you could consider displaying the items in a cardboard box or clear plastic tub, then covering the opening with Saran and taping the Saran securely with packing tape. You might consider taking a photo of the set and taping it near the tag so potential buyers can see all the pieces without opening the package.

Curtains & bedskirts: If you are selling curtains or bedskirts alone (without a matching bedding set), please place them folded over a hanger. We will display them on a rack.
Sheets & Pillowcases: Fold into a Ziploc bag, with the tag safety pinned to the sheet/pillowcase inside the bag.
Mattress Pads: Fold into a Ziploc bag, with the tag safety pinned to the mattress pad inside the bag.

For miscellaneous decor items, simply tape or zip-tie the tag securely to the item.

On large items, simply tape the tag to the item for easy viewing and removal. At drop-offs, your tag will be removed from your item and joined with a Large Item Claim Ticket, which will then be zip-tied back on your item. If the item includes extra parts, please attach them securely with packing tape or zip-ties, and make note of them in the item's tag description.

Connect car seat/bases/stroller combinations together with zip-ties to protect from separation, but loose enough that the car seat can be lifted off to see the stroller.

On Power Wheels, please place the power cord in a Ziploc bag and securely zip-tie it to the vehicle. Please make sure the vehicle is fully charged before you bring it to drop-offs. Buyers will not want to buy unless they can see that it works.

For additional protection and security of your large item, place masking tape with your consignor number & price on the bottom or underneath each large item. This helps identify your item in case the card is lost. Please DO NOT put duplicate 3x5 index cards on an item.

Hats: safety pin the tag to the hat and bring it just like that. For multiple hats sold under one price, zip-tie or safety pin the hats together, then pin the tag to the set. Make sure to describe all the hats in the tag's description, in case they were to get separated.
Belts: safety pin the tag to the belt, then place the belt in a Ziploc bag. Be sure to write the size of the belt on the tag so it can be placed in the correct spot at the sale.
Hairbows: safety pin the tag to the bow and place it in a Ziploc bag. For multiple bows sold under one price, tie all the bows together with curling ribbon, then pin the tag to the set, and place the set in a Ziploc bag.
Gloves & mittens: safety pin the tag to the pair, then bring them just like that.
Remember, we do not take underwear, socks or tights. Socks and tights are accepted only if paired & sold with a matching outfit.

Bottles, Sippy Cups & Dishes: if possible, connect the items together using curling ribbon, tape the tag to the set and place them in a Ziploc bag.
Bibs: safety pin the tag to the bib, and bring it just like that. For multiple bibs sold under one price, safety pin the bibs together, then pin the tag to the set. No need for a Ziploc bag.
Photo-ClearBagsBlankets & Bath Towels: fold over a hanger. Use a safety pin to connect the front and back folds, to prevent it from falling off the hanger. The only exception is thin receiving blankets, which may be folded and placed in Ziploc bags. Safety-pin the tag to the blanket/towel in the upper right corner, like on clothing. Click the example photo on right to enlarge!
Most Other Items : simply safety pin or tape the tag to the item. Most accessories are placed in baskets by category at the sale.

Item Preparation Tips

  • Make your clothing items look unworn. The more time you take to wash and iron your clothing, the better it will look to a buyer. Trim all loose threads. Button all the buttons, zip all the zippers, tie all the bows, etc. A fabric shaver works GREAT on balled or pilling fabric, and can be purchased at Wal-mart or Target for $5-7.
  • Wipe your equipment clean and wash covers & fabric parts! Most fabric seats and covers are able to be removed and washed – this will make your item’s condition look SO much better! When comparing two identical items, the cleaner one usually sells faster, even if it's more expensive! A few minutes cleaning your equipment will likely mean more money in your pocket! Consider keeping a pack of baby wipes handy as you prepare your items to wipe down toys and equipment. For fabric covers, just soak overnight in the food stain solution below, wash and then line dry! You'll be amazed at how much better they will look!
  • Stain Removal Solutions!
    • Grease Stains: For dark spots on dark fabrics, which are usually grease stains, use Dawn Dishwashing Liquid. Rub into the stain, then wash like normal. Almost always works great, even if the item has been dried in the dryer. Occasionally it will take treating twice.
    • Food & Yellow Stains: Mix about 1/2 cup dishwashing detergent (such as Cascade) with 1/2 cup of Clorox 2 (the pink liquid) in about 1-2 gallons of water. Soak the stained item in the mixture for several hours, then wash as usual. Works for other types of stains as well. Occasionally it will take treating twice.
    • Ink Stains: Soak the spot with alcohol or aerosol hairspray, then wash.
    • Blood Stains: Pour Hydrogen Peroxide on stain, let it sit a bit, then rinse in cold water. Repeat and wash with soap until stain is gone. Will not bleach colors. Always use COLD water.
    • Scuff marks on shoes: Use a Magic Eraser! Or simply run through washing matchine and air dry.
    • Other good stain fighters: Resolve powder & pre-wash, Vivid, Clorox 2 Spray, Zout, Biz, Oxy Clean, good ole dish soap!
  • Hangers! Wondering about the best place to BUY HANGERS? We've found that the cheapest source of children's hangers are the Delta brand "Infant & Toddler Hangers" which Photo-Hangerscome in a pack of 10 for $1 at Wal-mart. Note that they are only stocked in the BABY area, usually near the safety gates and baby monitors. They come in white, pink, blue and green. You may find that stores will run low on these near sale time, so buy ahead of time! We recommend using child-sized hangers for clothing sized 4 and smaller. If you need adult-sized hangers (for sizes 4 and larger), you can usually get some used wire hangers for FREE from dry cleaners, or you could ask the cashiers at places like Wal-mart, Kohl's, etc.
  • If you no longer have the user manual for your stroller, car seat, highchair, etc., consider printing it off online at the manufacturer's website or www.manualsonline.com and attaching it to your item. Just another way to increase the selling value of your item!
  • Make sure your carseat or larger item has not been recalled by the manufacturer. Links for recall lists can be found on our Product Safety & Recalls page.

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