What's New for the Upcoming Sale

If you participated last fall, you may remember some of the changes we had to make due to Covid. The state health department guidelines are still very similar to last fall, so we will continue many of those changes, with some tweaks here and there.

This need for change brought us to several decisions that you all LOVED…like dropping off your sale items without leaving your car (say WHAT?!?!), barcode mailing option, less crowded shopping, faster check-out process and no need to come to pick-ups!
It's nice to find a bright side to this pandemic, huh!?!

As always, it is our goal to help our community bring down the cost of growing kids, so although GKS may look a little different, we will do whatever it necessary to stay in compliance with health dept guidelines and continue bringing the savings that so many families have to come to depend upon. So now, on to what to expect for Spring 2021!

***The list is kinda long, but PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY
so you don't miss anything important!!***



Any mask-wearing requirements for shoppers during the sale will follow whatever mandates are set forth by our city & state at that time, so as of right now, bring your mask!

PUBLIC SHOPPING ADMISSION (one-in-one-out method)
We will be monitoring the building capacity to allow for proper social distancing, and will utilize the one-in-one-out method if necessary.

Our check-out process will be modified so that we can process transactions more quickly and maximize social distancing at check-out. We will now ask that shoppers bag their own purchases using our “bagging stations” at check-out to help with speed & social distancing in the check-out area (bring your own tote to save time!).

BRING YOUR OWN TOTE (no blue shopping bags)
We will not be able to provide blue shopping bags for sanitization reasons, so please bring your own shopping tote (other ideas are: wagons, strollers, laundry baskets or carts). If you forget yours, we will have BRAND NEW blue Ikea bags available for purchase (while supplies last), and they will be yours to take home with you!

There will be many processes to ensure our event is safe according to the Arkansas State Dept of Health guidelines.
A. We will be limiting the amount of people in the building to ensure ample social distancing.
B. There will be hand sanitizer provided at every entry & exit, as well as at check-out.
C. There will be frequent sanitization of commonly used areas such as check-out.
D. Our cashiers & helpers will be required to wear masks.
E. Per the CDC, coronavirus naturally dies on most surfaces & objects between a few hours to 3 days, and the GKS schedule allows for multiple days between drop-offs & shopping, which should add to your shopping comfort & confidence in buying at GKS.


THE TEAMMATE PRESALE on Tuesday will still be broken into 2 shopping times to spread out shoppers and allow for less crowded, more distanced shopping!
8-hour teammates will shop from 3-9pm, and 4-hour teammates will shop from 5-9pm.
Line-Pass holders will still be first to enter the doors at 3pm that day.
There will be a limited amount of teammate positions available in both tiers to ensure we don’t exceed building capacity and that every teammate is allowed entry at their specified time on Tuesday.
NOTE: To ensure entry for all our consignors to the Consignor Presale on Wednesday, teammates will only be able to use their Teammate Presale armband for shopping on Tuesday. Only Wednesday consignor armbands will be allowed entry on Wednesday.

THE CONSIGNOR PRESALE on Wednesday will be from 3-9pm. There will not be a Superstar Consignor option or Guest Pass option this spring, so please encourage your friends to consign in order to receive their own presale pass!

For limited capacity reasons, like it was in the fall, anytime there is an armband pass required for entry, that armband will admit the person wearing it PLUS ONE, and that one may ONLY be that person’s spouse OR their child’s grandparent OR their child under 18. Unfortunately, we cannot allow multiple guests with the armband holder for this spring event while our capacity is still limited.

The more time a consignor invests into aiding the sale of their items through helping with the event, the higher earnings percentage they take home! Consignors who help with the sale are called "Teammates". The earnings percentages will continue to be:
Consignors: 65%
4-hour Teammates: 70%
8-hour Teammates: 75%

1. For those who cannot print their own barcodes easily, there will now be the option to receive printed barcodes by mail! No waiting until drop-offs to get your items completely ready! There is a small $10 fee for this service, and that covers the postage AND labels! 300 Avery labels cost $4.44 at Walmart plus printer ink, so this is a really good deal! There is a limit of 1,000 barcodes per order. Deadline to order is Wednesday, February 17th. More details at http://www.growingkidssale.com/barcoding.html.
2. Additionally, we will now be open at 4pm on Thursday the 25th (the first evening of drop-offs) for barcode printing so you have more time to pick them up and apply them to your tags before drop-offs!


We will have a modified “Hybrid” Drive-thru Drop-off this spring! Our goal is to continue offering the aspects you loved about drive-thru drop-off last fall, while making some tweaks to help it go even more smoothly!

This hybrid drive-thru drop-off process eliminates more points of contact for better social distancing! This means no hauling items from the parking lot, no waiting in inspection lines, and no time spent placing your items on the sales floor!

In order to make this process organized & efficient, we need you to be organized & prepared when you come to drop-off. Here are the guidelines each consignor will need to adhere to:

With our new drive-thru drop-off process, we must be able to service everyone in a timely manner, so every consignor number MUST have an appointment, and drop-offs will not be accepted without an appointment time. The DEADLINE to make a drop-off appointment is Wednesday, February 24th at 10pm. At that time, no more consignor registrations or drop-off appointments will be made. If you are bringing more than one consignor number, EVERY CONSIGNOR NUMBER you're bringing must be signed up for an appointment time.

  1. You must have all your items completely barcoded & tagged before you enter the drive-thru drop-off process. However, you may still come to get barcodes printed and finish tagging in your car before you enter the drop-off line. A person at the gate will direct you.
  2. NEW: Consignors will now help by unloading their clothing & shoes onto a rolling rack, but will then get right back into their car and continue through the drive-thru process!
  3. You must have all clothing separated by gender & in size order. Place special clothing items like Halloween, Adult Outerwear, Dancewear and Formal Wear together at the front or rear of the stack.
  4. You must have all small, non-clothing items separated by category into disposable bags or boxes. Below are the 10 categories they need to be separated into. It is super helpful if you write the category on the outside of the bag or box. For items too large for bags or boxes, just leave them un-bagged. If you do not know which category an item fits into, just make your best guess. See example photo (click to enlarge).
    1. Click to Enlarge Shoes
    2. Infant/Toddler Toys
    3. Girls Toys
    4. Boys Toys
    5. Gender-Neutral Toys & Stuffed Animals
    6. Sporting Goods
    7. Books/Games/Videos/CD's/Puzzles
    8. Clothing Accessories (purses, backpacks, hairbows, hats, belts, mittens, etc)
    9. Baby Necessities (feeding, diapering, health/safety, etc)
    10. Bedding/Decor/Blankets
  5. For large items such as strollers, bikes, play kitchens, etc. that will get large item claim tickets, simply tape the tag to the item for easy removal. You will drop-off these items last, so please load them deepest in your vehicle. If you bring a bed, pack-n-play or other item that requires assembly, you will need to exit your vehicle and assemble those yourself (we will direct you).
  6. Have your items loaded into your car in this order: large items buried deepest, bagged items in the middle, and hanging clothes & bagged shoes most accessible.


  1. When you arrive to Kay Rodgers Park, someone will ensure you have your items appropriately tagged and categorized according to the instructions above before you enter the drive-thru process.
  2. You will make stops near multiple doors around the building to unload certain types of items at each stop. We are tweaking the processes this spring to move cars through check-points more quickly.
  3. NEW: Once you have completed each stop around the building, there is no need for you to wait on inspections to see if there are any returns! Any returns will be automatically donated for you. But if you prefer to take home your returns, you will need to park & walk inside to retrieve those after you finish the drive-thru process. If we have not finished inspecting your items by that time, you may have a short wait until your returns are ready.

  1. Need to make more than one trip to drop-offs to fit it all in your car? You are welcome to make a 2nd trip to bring large items and toys ONLY. Please bring your clothing & all other items FIRST at your appointment time, and you can subsequently bring more large items & toys during any of our drop-off hours.
  2. GKS Reloaded Drop-offs will take place as usual – no changes.


Pick-up hours are now Monday, March 8th from 3:30pm-6:30pm SHARP.

ALL EARNINGS CHECKS WILL BE MAILED to the address on the consignor’s account. NO CHECKS will be available at unsold item pick-ups. We highly encourage you to donate unsold items and skip pick-ups all together. It is a JOY to see local foster families getting to glean from those unsold items you no longer need, followed by wonderful local charities who put the items to good use! Again, if you plan to NOT pick-up unsold items, *please* save us the time of re-sorting those unsold items and DO NOT mark them with a red “R” for return. And remember, it’s always better to also let them go for ½ price if you plan to donate.

We know change can be hard, but it is important for us to implement processes that will allow us to continue bringing the sale to our community. It may still look a little different this time around, but we'll all continue to get through this together! Hopefully after it's all said and done, you'll LOVE some of these new and improved changes, and maybe even want some of them to stick around! ❤

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