What's New for the Upcoming Sale

The Staff of the Growing Kids Sale spends many hours brainstorming and tweaking policies and procedures, based on feedback from shoppers and consignors, to make each sale better than the last. It is important to us that everyone is aware of any changes being implemented, so please take a moment to read about the exciting changes for the upcoming event!

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Consignor fee increase of $1.

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Do them a favor! Let them know about the thousands of baby clothes & items they can find @ GKS! We love helping families keep down the cost of growing kids, and the selections in our baby sections are INCREDIBLE!

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Important Previous Changes/Reminders...

Tagging Tips/Recommendations
Photo-TapeOverTag For added protection against loss of your clothing items, as you make your tags & determine your prices, write your consignor number & price at the bottom edge of the tag, with the barcode just above it, so that if the barcode peels off or becomes unreadable, your info can still be seen. Place a "ND" for no discount beside the price if you do not wish for it to sell at half-price on the final day of our sale. Click the example photo on the right to enlarge.
Also, you can wrap a strip of packing tape vertically over the top edge of the card down to the bottom edge of the card, covering the safety pin and barcode. This makes your tag much more durable, and is especially recommended for higher dollar items.

Don't forget...
  • Maternity is allowed at our spring events. Guidelines are: 15 items per consignor, summer & winter accepted, must be current style, and priced at no more than 25% of retail. You are encouraged to donate unsold items for the pregnancy help centers!
  • Home furniture accepted during our "GKS Reloaded" drop-offs (Mar 9th, 4-7pm).
  • We strongly encourage each of our consignors to carefully consider the pricing of their items. If our consignors continue pricing their items fairly, Growing Kids will continue to be a win-win for both consignors and shoppers! PRICE TO SELL! There's nothing more rewarding than cleaning out your closets AND making money at the same time! Let things go for HALF-PRICE! It's better to get 50% and clean out your closets than to get items back that you don't need. And don't forget - if you plan to donate your unsold items, at least let them go for half-price! Click HERE to view our pricing guide!
  • PLEASE DONATE! Local charities are in great need and are highly appreciative of our consignors' donations after each sale. PLEASE consider NOT marking your tags with red, circled "R's" unless you really desire the particular item back if it doesn't sell. Thank you for supporting our community!

  • Equipment Cleanliness! We have cracked down on equipment cleanliness! If you are bringing large baby equipment items, all fabric parts should be washed and plastic/wood parts should be wiped down. Items that have not been adequately cleaned WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, and will require further cleaning before they may be consigned. We understand that these are used items that do not always look brand-new, but every effort should be taken to clean them as much as possible, and some items may just be too loved to pass on to someone else. And remember, clean items priced well ALWAYS sell, so the time you take to clean adds up to more CA$H in your pocket!!!
            HOW TO CLEAN: Most fabric covers on carseats, high-chairs, walkers, bouncy seats, etc. can be removed for machine washing. Do NOT machine-dry…just lay them flat or hang to dry. If stains do not come out, try soaking them overnight in a gallon or two of water containing ½ c. dishwashing liquid & ½ c. Clorox 2 (non-bleaching), then machine wash. If fabric parts cannot be removed from the item, you can mix this same solution and soak/wipe the fabric while it’s on the item, then soak/wipe with water.

    Barcode Rules! Do not place a new barcode sticker over an old one AND DO NOT peel an old barcode off an index card to replace it with a new one. This causes check-out delays. FYI, items with two barcodes are sold to the bottom barcode's consignor number, and tags that appear to have had a barcode removed from the card will not be sold. Make a NEW TAG for any price changes.

    Shoe-Tagging Method! Fold a strip of DUCT TAPE overPhoto-ShoeTaggingExample the top of your index card, punch a hole through it, and then connect it to the shoes with curling ribbon or zip-ties. The duct tape strengthens the tag and works GREAT to prevent tag separation & loss. Also remember to CONNECT THE TWO SHOES TOGETHER with zip-ties or curling ribbon. Click the example photo on the right to enlarge.

    Infant Clothing Guidelines!
  • PRICING: With so much infant clothing to choose from, you must price competitively! We estimate that over 80% of the infant clothing (NB to 12 months) should be priced at $1-4. Multiple-pieced sets, items new with tags, and boutique brands are the exception, and could be priced a bit more.
  • DONATE! We recommend that you do NOT mark your infant clothing with an "R" for return, but rather let them be donated. The local pregnancy centers who receive donations are very thankful for the newborn items that can be used for their mothers in need!

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