Items Accepted at GKS

The Growing Kids Consignment Sale accepts just about ANYTHING related to babies and kids!

ITEM CONDITION: Clothing items must be in great condition with little-to-no signs of wear and no damage, such as stains, tears, holes, missing buttons, or dysfunctional zippers. Only items applicable to the upcoming season will be accepted. Equipment and toys should be clean, include all pieces, and must not be recalled. Below you will find specifics on what items will be accepted at the Growing Kids Sale.

ITEM INSPECTION: During Growing Kids drop-offs, all clothing and shoes will be inspected, and any unacceptable items will be sent home with the consignor. Please don't be offended if we ask you to take back some of your items. We will be checking very closely so as to maintain the quality of the sale. We reserve the right to refuse any item that we feel may not sell. It is often easy to miss a spot or tear when you are getting your items ready at home. We want to be known for having the best quality merchandise and we want you as a purchaser to have confidence that you are buying the best at Growing Kids.

REGARDING RECALLS: It is the CONSIGNOR'S RESPONSIBILITY, as seller of the items, to make sure none of their items have been recalled. Each consignor will be required to bring a signed waiver to drop-offs accepting the liability of the items they bring, and stating they have ensured that none of their items are recalled or do not meet safety standards. The waiver, along with the recall lists & safety standards are on our Product Safety & Recalls page.


  • LIMITS PER CONSIGNOR: You must bring at least 15 items to be a consignor (these can be any of the items we clothing necessary). There are limits on the following items a consignor can bring:
    Clothing on Hangers: To prevent having to limit how many families can consign with GKS, we are asking that each consignor limit the hanging clothing items they bring to the amount that will squeeze into 3 feet of hanging space. (Halloween/Dress-up costumes, Maternity & blankets are not included in this limit) This will help us accommodate all of our consignors with the rack space we have. Please only tag your best items - make sure to eliminate stained or overly worn items, and feel free to bag up play clothes that aren’t worth tagging to give to our local donation recipients!
    Shoes: NO LIMITS on how many pairs you can bring, but we strictly enforce shoe quality & tagging methods! See shoe section on "Tagging Items" page.
    Hairbows: 10 per consignor (multiple bows priced together are counted as one bow)
    Maternity (accepted at spring sales only): 15 items per consignor (multiple pieces priced together are counted as one item)
    Halloween Costumes (accepted at fall sales only): NO LIMITS
    NOTE: There is NO LIMIT on toys, equipment, or anything else not listed above.

  • CHILDREN'S CLOTHING: Up to a size child's size 20. Must be appropriate for the upcoming season. NOTE: We do not accept junior clothing sizes (1, 3, 5, 7, etc) or women's clothing sizes (0, 2, 4, 6, 8). Sizes XS, Small, Med, Large, XL only accepted if brand and style are for children (not teens!). EXCEPTIONS: We realize that some popular, high-demand teen brands are now making sizes small enough for children's sizes 12-14-16, so we will make exceptions for the following sizes/brands: Sizes up to a GIRLS 4/medium or BOYS 32/medium in ONLY brands Abercrombie, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Hollister, and athletic brands like Nike & Under Armour. If you bring these items, please write the size equivalent on the tag - for example, XXS (12), XS (14), Small (16), and Medium (18-20).

  • ADULT OUTERWEAR (Fall Sales Only): We will have a special rack for men's & women's high-quality “Outerwear”, where we will be accepting the following popular brands: North Face, Patagonia, Marmot, Mountain Hardwear, Southern Marsh, True Grit & Southern Tide. This includes men’s & women’s sizes, and these items will be locked onto the rack and claim ticketed. Remember, even though these are popular items, shoppers are still looking for good deals on used items, so pricing should generally be around 25-35% of retail on these items, unless they are new with tags, in which case you could price up to 50% of retail.

  • NEW! ADULT ACTIVEWEAR: We will have a special rack for men's & women's athletic wear, featuring brands like Nike, Lululemon, Adidas, Fabletics, Savvi, Champion, etc. in all sizes & seasons! Items must be in great condition with no stains/damage. So when you're cleaning out, don't forget to check your own closets for these items you might want to sell! When tagging, please write "men's" or "women's" above the size on the tag, so if the item gets out of place during shopping, our helpers will know that it goes on the adult athleticwear rack.

  • MATERNITY CLOTHING (Spring Sales Only): Accepted during SPRING EVENTS ONLY! The space we use for Halloween Costumes at the fall event will be used for maternity at the spring event. Here are our guidelines on maternity clothing that may be brought:
    • All seasons of maternity will be accepted during our spring events.
    • Limit of 15 maternity items per consignor.
    • Must be current style in excellent condition.
    • Should be priced no more than 25% of retail, except for designer or high-end brands, which may be priced a bit higher.
    • Please consider donating your unsold maternity clothing! We would love to donate these items to pregnancy shelters and other organizations who could pass them along to those in need!

  • SHOES: All children's sizes, as well as women's and men's sizes, but shoes MUST be style-appropriate for a child or pre-teen, and must be clean and correctly tagged! Adult sizes in styles not currently preferred by most children & pre-teens will not be accepted as they likely will not sell. Here are examples of shoes we will NOT accept:

    Photo-Unacceptable Shoe Example Photo-Unacceptable Shoe Example Photo-Unacceptable Shoe Example  Photo-Unacceptable Shoe Example  Photo-Unacceptable Shoe Example  Photo-Unacceptable Shoe Example  Photo-Unacceptable Shoe Example  Photo-Unacceptable Shoe Example

  • CLOTHING ACCESSORIES: Hats, hairbows, belts, ties, bloomers/diaper covers, backpacks, and child purses (NOTE: Limit of 10 hairbows per consignor. Multiple hairbows may be priced together and counted as one. Hairbows paired with outfits are not counted in limit. Pricing guidelines: New - 50% of retail or less, Used - 25% of retail or less)

  • SEASONAL-SPECIFIC ITEMS: For more specifics on what clothing items are accepted at spring/summer and fall/winter sales, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

  • RECALLS: Please ensure none of your clothing items have been recalled by visiting the Consumer Protection Safety Commission's website and choosing "Clothing (Children)". Note that clothing with drawstrings that is made for children under age 12 is now deemed unsafe and is most likely recalled.

NOT Accepted
  • We do not accept items with stains, tears, holes, broken zippers, missing buttons, or items showing excessive wear (extremely thinned knees, balled fabric, etc).
  • We do not accept used underwear, socks, or tights; however, you may sell matching socks or tights pinned to an outfit if you wish.
  • We do not accept used onesies or other clothing in Ziploc bags, unless they are new in package (all used onesies must be on hangers)
  • No junior clothing (see exceptions above)
  • No women's/men's clothing (except for maternity at spring events, and adult outerwear/athleticwear- see above)
  • No jewelry or cosmetic products (curling irons, makeup, etc)
  • No recalled clothing (due to the high volume of recalls on clothing with drawstrings made for children under age 12, please do not bring those items. Please also pay attention to recalls on pajamas that don't meet fire retardant standards!!!)

  • FEEDING: Bottles, sippy cups, dishes & utensils, bibs, nursing pillows, factory-sealed formula (check expiration), burp cloths
  • NURSERY NEEDS: Infant bath tubs & seats, diaper pails & refills, potty chairs, towels & washcloths, wipe warmers, blankets, diapers, diaper bags, changing pads, slings & carriers, step stools
  • SAFETY: Baby monitors, safety gadgets for home, car & public, baby gates, bed rails, head & body wedges/supports
  • BEDDING & DECOR: Crib, bassinet, twin, full & queen bedding/sheets, mattress pads, pillows & cases, picture frames, crib mobiles, rugs, lamps, wall hangings, sleeping bags, etc. (MUST ALL be styled for child or pre-teen rooms)
  • IMPORTANT - RECALLS: Please ensure none of your items have been recalled by visiting the Consumer Protection Safety Commission's Website and choosing the appropriate item category. See links to recall lists on our Product Safety & Recalls page.
NOT Accepted
  • No breast pumps
  • No baby food or formula that is expired or not factory sealed
  • No adult-styled bedding or decor
  • No recalled or unsafe items


  • TOYS: boys & girls toys of all brands and age ranges
  • STUFFED ANIMALS: We will only be accepting stuffed animals that most shoppers are looking to buy, which fall into the following categories or brands: -Licensed characters (Disney, Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, etc.)
    -Name-brand (TY, Gund, Build-a-bear)
    -Electronic (makes sounds or lights-up)
    -Unusual or very large (snakes, sloths, GIANT teddy's, etc)
    If stuffed animals are placed on the sales floor that do not fall into these categories, they will be pulled & placed in a box in the Lost & Found section at pick-ups, where they can be re-claimed, regardless of whether they have an "R" return mark, as to not create more re-sort work. Questions about a stuffed animal? Just ask a staff member at drop-offs or text 479-420-9699!
  • BOOKS: infant, toddler, preschool, elementary, youth, parenting, pregnancy & health, educational
  • VIDEOS: VHS, DVD's (VHS should be priced at $1)
  • MUSIC CD's
  • GAMES: board games, puzzles, electronic and educational games such as V-Tech, V-Smile, LeapPad, Leapster, PC, etc.
  • VIDEO GAMES: video gaming systems & games such as Playstation, Nintendo, Xbox, Wii, etc.
  • LARGE INDOOR TOYS: hockey tables, train tables, indoor trampolines, rocking horses, art benches, tool benches, play kitchens, doll houses
  • LARGE OUTDOOR TOYS: bicycles/tricycles/scooters/Power Wheels, outdoor play equipment/jungle gyms, plastic picnic tables, slides, swing sets, tree swings, trampolines
  • SPORTS GEAR: Baseball bats/helmets/gloves/tees, basketball goals/balls/returns, swim rings/floaties/life jackets/goggles, football gear, golf clubs/gloves, bicycle helmets/knee pads, bicycle seats & trailers

  • Must be in working order with all pieces
  • Include batteries (Dollar Tree has batteries for $1!)
  • Please ensure none of your items have been recalled by visiting the Consumer Protection Safety Commission's website and choosing the appropriate item category. See links to recall lists on our Product Safety & Recalls page.
  • If you intend to sell TOYS, TOY CHESTS or BEAN BAG CHAIRS, please ensure your item meets the requirements listed on the CPSC Reference Guide on our Product Safety & Recalls page.
NOT Accepted
  • No porcelain dolls
  • No stuffed animals that do not fall into the categories listed above
  • No videos without covers, and please ensure videos and covers match!
  • No R-rated or home-recorded videos
  • No recalled or unsafe items
  • No non-working electronic items or sets missing important pieces


  • BABY EQUIPMENT: Strollers, joggers, bike trailers, car seats, pack-n-plays, baby swings, jumperoos, walkers, high-chairs, booster seats, exer-saucers, bouncy seats, doorway jumpers
  • CHILD FURNITURE: Cribs, toddler beds, bassinets, mattresses, changing tables, rocking chairs / gliders, toy boxes, bookshelves, other children's furniture.
    NOTE ABOUT CRIBS: To comply with crib laws, we will no longer accept cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011. Consigned cribs must either: A) Have the manufacture date on the crib, showing it to be manufactured on or after June 28th, 2011, or B) Have a Certificate of Compliance from the company which manufactured the crib stating that the crib is certified to meet laws 16 CFR 1219 or 16 CFR 1220. Thank you for your understanding as we seek to make the safety of our children priority!
  • Equipment must be clean (see note below).
  • Attach any accompanying small items securely.
  • NOTE: Sellers are responsible for assembling all cribs, beds, pack-n-plays and playpens they bring during drop-offs.
  • If you intend to sell a CRIB, PLAYPEN, PACK-N-PLAY, CAR SEAT, BATH SEAT, BABY WALKER, MATTRESS, OR BUNK BEDS, please ensure your item meets the requirements listed on the CPSC Reference Guide on our Product Safety & Recalls page.
  • For all equipment, please ensure none of your items have been recalled by visiting the Consumer Protection Safety Commission's website and choosing the appropriate item category. See links to recall lists on our Product Safety & Recalls page.

NOT Accepted

  • No dirty or broken equipment. If you are bringing large baby equipment items, all fabric parts should be washed and plastic/wood parts should be wiped down. Items that have not been adequately cleaned WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, and will require further cleaning before they may be consigned. We understand that these are used items that do not always look brand-new, but every effort should be taken to clean them as much as possible, and some items may just be too loved to pass on to someone else. And remember, clean items priced well ALWAYS sell, so the time you take to clean adds up to more CA$H in your pocket!!! Cleaning tips can be found at the bottom of this webpage.
  • No equipment with missing seat-straps.
  • No recalled or unsafe items
  • No carseats that were manufactured more than 5 years ago (exception made for those having a future expiration date imprinted on them that shows they will be good for at least 1 more year), and none that have been in a wreck or are missing straps.

ALL HOME FURNITURE (accepted during GKS Reloaded ONLY)

You may bring all furniture that is appropriate for a child's room to our regular drop-offs, but all HOME furniture (not related to a child's room) will be accepted during our GKS Reloaded drop-offs (see schedule menu link on right), and these items will be available starting Friday morning! We encourage you to still bring your child furniture during our regular drop-offs if possible! Here are the guidelines on home furniture:
  • NOT ACCEPTED: NO home decor (lamps/light fixtures, mirrors, pictures/frames, knick-knacks, plants/greenery, bedding, etc); NO appliances (refrigerators, toasters, etc)
  • CONDITION: We expect reasonable wear/tear on used furniture, but NO large stains and NO large tears/holes on upholstered items. NO broken items. NO recalled items. We reserve the right to send home any items that do not meet the requirements.
  • BEFORE YOU HAUL IT...if you are unsure whether it's an acceptable item or if it's condition is questionable, please text a picture of your item to 479-420-9699, and we'll do our best to evaluate it before you haul it!
  • AT DROP-OFFS: We typically have one person on duty who can help you unload your heavier items.
  • BRING THESE! Couches, chairs, stools/benches, dining tables, end tables, coffee tables, console/sofa tables, nightstands, chests, dressers, entertainment centers, desks, buffets/china cabinets/hutches, shelves/bookcases, beds of all sizes & mattresses, patio furniture, etc
  • PRICING: Remember to price reasonably! GKS shoppers are looking for GREAT deals on gently used items! This is your chance for hundreds of local families to see and buy your items for sale, so don't risk having to haul it back home!
  • HOW TO TAG: Your barcoded index card tag will be stapled to one of our large item claim tickets, so simply bring your tags unattached, or lightly-taped onto your items for easy removal at drop-offs. If you are selling several furniture pieces together under one price, place a barcoded index card tag on one of the pieces, then place masking tape with your consignor # and "piece # of #" on the additional items. Make sure you describe each piece on the index card tag description.
  • DISPLAYING YOUR ITEMS: We ask that the consignor be responsible for fully assembling all furniture items. This helps ensure that all the necessary pieces/screws/etc are present for a potential buyer, and will help your item sell!
  • DONATIONS: Just like all other items, furniture not marked with an "R" for "Return" on the tag WILL be automatically donated if unsold, and any furniture items not picked up during the designated pick-up hours are immediately donated.




-Short-sleeved and 3/4-length sleeved tops (unless they have fall/winter detail - no pumpkins, snowflakes, etc.)
-Limited amount of long-sleeved infant clothing (only if light or pastel colored or spring/summer detail)
-Boys' long-sleeved, dress shirts (only if light or pastel colors for Easter)
-All sizes of light-weight cotton, 1-piece sleepers. Footed is fine, but fleece and other thicker materials must wait for fall, as well as those with fall/winter details (pumpkins, snowflakes, etc).
-Shorts and Capris
-Pants, including jeans and khakis (no winter fabrics - see fabrics listed on right)
-Light-weight sweaters (only if light colored)
-Light-weight wind jackets
-Rain jackets
-Leotards and dancewear
-Swimwear & coverups
-Rainboots & cowboy boots
-Maternity clothing (all seasons - limit of 15)

-Long-sleeved tops (unless they have spring/summer detail - beach scenes, etc.)
-Winter fabrics (corduroy, velvet, fleece, suede, sweatpant material, etc.)
-Black, patent dress shoes
-Halloween costumes
-Coats, hats, gloves, mittens
-Winter boots, ski boots (cowboy boots and rain boots ARE accepted)



-Long-sleeved and 3/4-length sleeved tops (unless they have spring/summer detail - beach scenes, etc.)
-Short-sleeved or sleeveless holiday dresses
-Sleeveless jumpers (worn over long-sleeved shirts)
-Short-sleeved Sports Team Fan Gear (Razorback/OU/OSU/etc - onesies/shirts/dresses)
-Short-sleeved hunting/camo clothing
-Short-sleeved football jerseys or related gear (like dri-fit compression undershirts)
-Short-sleeved BOYS' Collared Polos & Dress Shirts (for school uniforms)
-Capri pants (unless they are light or pastel colored or have spring/summer detail)
-Skirts (including short skirts that can be paired with leggings)
-Pants, including jeans, khakis & sweatpants
-Coats and jackets
-Halloween costumes
-Leotards and dancewear
-Winter Fabrics: fleece, corduroy, velour, velvet, suede

-Short-sleeved tops (unless they have fall/winter detail - Fall, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.)
-Short-sleeved infant clothing
-Shorts and skorts
-Swimwear or cover-ups
-Life jackets
-Sandals or open-toed shoes
-White dress shoes
-Crocs (except for fleece-lined styles) or water shoes
-Maternity clothing (only accepted at spring events)

For questions on what is and is not acceptable, please contact Faith at

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